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11 Cours


GPT for Lawyers and Legal Teams

Based on Dr. Lange's LinkedIn Masterclass, in this 3-hour beginner-intermediate level workshop you learn how to use ChatGPT and other Artificial Intelligence language software ethically and efficiently to improve your legal practice.  Activate 300 prompts and phrases in English and get a one-hour personal tutorial to help your firm succeed.  Available by invitation only to Synergetics Education network. 


The Language of Tax and Accounting Law in English

In this 3-hour Masterclass you will learn the key language and concepts of tax and accounting in English from the perspective of a legal professional. 


Masterclass - "The Core Four" Skills of Legal Drafting and Editing

In this Masterclass for new and experienced associates, you learn how to quickly and effectively draft and edit all documents in English from the world's leading trainers,  Dr. Josh Lange and Chris Jensen, LL.M.  

Skills:  Structure, Style, Tone, and Mechanics

Audience Level:  B2-C1 Advanced English

Format: 5 minute microskills videos with embedded activities

Total time: 3 hours

Certificate: 80% completion and one-hour tutorial


Writing and Submitting a US Patent Application in English with J.D Houvener



This four hour masterclass with star patent attorney J.D. Houvener ( gives you the language and skills to identify and search for patents, write any patent or provisional application, and to work with US patent attorneys and technical advisors to ensure you have a successful patent.  You will learn essential concepts like "eligibility" "confirmability" and "novelty", use key words to search and narrow, use a step-by-step process to write your provisional patent application, edit and improve your claims, use figures and visual data, and file with the US patent office.  Included is one hour of personalized coaching with a certified language coach with knowledge of US patents and a consultation with a patent attorney.