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15 Cours

Business Executive

Negotiation in English with Herb Cohen


In this Masterclass, you learn how to use English in business and personal negotiations from the World's #1 Negotiation Expert Herb Cohen. Activate 120 negotiation phrases and best practices directly from experts. Simulate real-world negotiation with a coach, and receive AI-assisted personalized language feedback.

Skills: Speaking, Writing, Listening, Reading, Negotiation 

Total time: 4 hours

Certificate: 80% completion and one-hour tutorial

Business Executive

Writing Content Marketing for Websites in English

Learn to write excellent copy, edit website pages quickly, and maximize your personal style. Three hours self-study per module, with 1 hour personal tutorial. 

Business Executive

Advising on Tech & Innovation with Non-Tech Executives

For engineers, developers, IT professionals - Learn how to discuss a product, idea, or technical conversation with non-technical people.  Three hours self-study per module, with 1 hour personal tutorial.  

Business Executive

Global Networking Professional

Learn the language and techniques of international networking in English from leading experts while mastering the communication trends and styles in your industry through real-world practice.  Earn a transferable NFT badge for increasing your networks. **Currently available only with Conference+

Business Executive

C-Level Executive English with Dr. Josh Lange

Dr. Josh Lange provides 1-to-1 and small group English language coaching to CEOs and Directors, with a particular focus on M&A, Strategic Communication, Language Strategy, Relationship Management, and Complex International Business Deals. Dr. Lange is a leading figure in specialist English and works with top law firms and corporations worldwide. ***By invitation only***