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Course Outline; Introductions from Students and Faculty

Please take a minute to read the course outline and then "start a new discussion" to introduce yourself to the other course participants.  You can upload a video or write a short introduction. We look forward to getting to know you!

Course Outline:

  • In Lesson One you learn how to understand within two minutes whether a text or video is useful, how to grasp its main ideas, and how to choose which parts of any online source will be relevant to degree-level academic work. 

  • In Lesson Two you are challenged to think about your own study processes and given a range of skills that will increase effective use of time while decreasing effort during any online degree course. 

  • In Lesson Three you review 'academic style grammar' so you can maximise search terms and get to the most relevant content and write accurately in English.

  • In Lesson Four you learn different ways to speak in academic settings so that the message is powerful and moves the communication forward. 

  • Finally, you can submit your own Study Skills List which will be reviewed by Advanced Language Institute professors and you will receive personalised feedback.

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Josh Lange
10 Apr 2020
Picture of Josh Lange
Josh Lange