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What are three insights on how to study most effectively?

The speaker suggests the following techniques.  Can you add any new ones that work for you?  To get a new Badge, start a discussion and share with your peers. Then respond to at least two other peers to help them out!

1. Through exercise. Within a matter of days can increase our ability to both learn and to remember.

2. Test yourself all the time. Flashcards, mix them, study them in different places.

3. Homework: When you do a homework problem, never just do it once and put it away. Work it several times over several days.

4. Recall: When you’re looking at a page as you’re trying to learn something from the book, people’s tendency is to highlight. Most effective: Look at a page, look away and see what you can recall.

5. Wrong attitude: Understanding alone is enough to build mastery of the material. Only when combined with practice and repetition you can truly achieve mastery. Learning how to learn is the most powerful term you can ever grasp.

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